Term and Condition


We at Abols IT Solutions, take up any work for execution, only after receiving a written request or work order from the client’s end, which can be either in the form of a letter, an email, or even a fax. Also, as per our policy, we only carry out work for clients aged 18 or above. This request or order, will then be considered as a contract between Abols IT Solutions and the client, and will bind the two parties legally.


We at Abols IT Solutions take sincere efforts to ascertain that your website and all the scripts and errors proffered by us are error free. However, we cannot and do not accept any responsibility for the losses that you or your business might incur due to the malfunction of the website, either completely or in parts.

Website Design:

The entire website, along with the graphics and the programming code that are used remain the property of Abols IT Solutions until all outstanding accounts are cleared by the client, and the payment is received in full.

Payment Terms:

For any design project, a deposit of 50% of the estimated billing amount is required to be paid in by the client.

The Fees Quotation is valid for up to 30 days from the date of issue. The clients need to make the payments in the following fashion:

• On the day of the receipt of work order a payment of 30% will be invoiced. Work will be carried out when this payment is received by Abols IT Solutions.

• 40% of the estimated boiling amount will be invoiced on approval of the website design and other peripherals by the client.

• The final payment of 30% will be invoiced prior to the completion of the website. This amount must be paid before the site is made live on the World Wide Web.

Once a website has been designed and approved by the client, it will be completed in the stipulated amount of time, after which the final balance of payment will be due in accordance with our payment terms. The client will need to make this payment without any delay, even if the client does not wish to use the website. Since the work has been commissioned and the requisite deposit has been made, the client is obliged to make the final payment as well. Non-payment of dues may result in legal action, if the need arises.


In case any editing, variations or extensions are required for the website, Team Abols will be happy to help the clients. However, all such alterations that require Abols IT Solutions to engage on a time and material basis will require the client to incur the hourly rates as charged by our in-house designers.